Hong Kong Lottery Smugglers Trying to Smuggle Mark Six Lottery Tickets Out of the Country

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Hong Kong is famous for its lottery. The Mark Six lottery is managed by the HKJC, and draws are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It’s easy to play and it has a high jackpot! The winning numbers are announced every week on TV.

But the Hong Kong Jockey Club isn’t alone. Some smugglers are trying to make a quick profit by sending Mark Six tickets out of the country. According to a report by HK01, Customs officials recently stopped a boat on the river and found about 16K worth of tickets. The tickets were destined for Macau and Mainland China.

The smugglers were probably hoping to make a fast profit by selling the tickets at a higher price in these two markets. But the HKJC is keeping an eye out for this and will take steps to prevent this from happening. Employees with HKJC’s security and customer service departments will check all materials involved in the drawing process, from boxing to transportation. They will also inspect and test the balls used in the draw on a regular basis.

The Chinese government is also trying to crack down on smuggling by making it illegal to export lottery products. This move will be a great help to the country’s economy, and it may even allow China to compete with its neighbors in the future. But despite the efforts of the Chinese government, it isn’t possible to ban all forms of gambling.